Going Green

“Green rhymes with the queen who goes with the king who built the castle we call Camelot!”

Camelot’s founders Harold & Pat Babcock were proud to design the Recreation Center to save on the cost of heating, cooling and lighting. The building earned the “Energy Smart Design” designation from EWEB making the Center 30 % more efficient than that of the Oregon building code requirements at the time of construction.

The Recreation Center was also designated as an “ENERGY EDGE” award winner in 2002 by the Booneville Power Administration. Additionally, almost all of the homes in Camelot feature energy saving heat pumps which provide comfortable heating and cooling year round

For several years Harold enjoyed his little Gem electric car which he used as a pick-up truck! He loved saving gas – all over town.


We have many scooter users in the Village and keep our streets and sidewalks scooter friendly! By using our back gate and the freeway bike path, scooters have an easy and safe ride over the freeway to the Gateway Mall. The same route is bicycle friendly for those residents who ride bikes. A secure back gate is opened only by Camelot issued keys.