Our Team

Pat and Harold Babcock’s desire to provide quality and affordable senior living with the pride of home ownership continues to be the beacon that guides this family business. Solely owned by the Babcock-Krenk family, Camelot Village will continue to be run and managed with close family involvement.

Nell Babcock
Owner & Off-Site Manager
NellNell (Nellie Jo Babcock) oversees all Camelot business from her office in the Portland area where she and her husband, Chris Krenk, reside and have raised their family. Chris, son of long time Eugenians Mary and Marv Krenk, has his MSW from the University of Washington, and is the retiring CEO of Albertina Kerr Centers in Portland, OR where he has worked for the past 26 years. Nell and Chris are the proud parents of the 3 young adult Babcock-Krenks, who will follow in their mom’s footprints as future stewards of Camelot. They all take tremendous pride in the community established by their grandparents, Harold & Pat Babcock. Nell, who has an MSW from the University of Minnesota, established her first career as a clinical social worker in 1974 in the Oregon County Mental system, working in Lane, Benton, and Clackamas counties. In 1983, she co-founded the Portland Family Institute, a family therapy clinic and training center. Until 1997 she practiced, trained, and supervised the practice of marriage and family therapy. In 1994 she began assisting her parents in the various tasks of running and expanding Camelot. She formally partnered with Harold in 2002 in the management and continuing development of Camelot Village with the establishment of Camelot Babcock, LLC.  Since 2005 she has managed Camelot Manufactured Home Village. She is state certified by the Manufactured Housing Communities of Oregon and the Oregon Park Managers Association as a Park Manager / Owner.

Nell & ChrisIn her spare time, Nell enjoys spending time with family and friends, including cousins, their children and grandchildren, from newborn to college, to whom she is a surrogate grandma and auntie. Nell and Chris have inherited and care for their kids’ cats, dogs, and chickens! They love tending to their home & garden of 30 years. With Chris’s retirement in site, travel is also in their future plans.

Nancy Cox
On-Site Manager
Nancy Cox is essential to the health and welfare of Camelot. She is state certified by the Manufactured Housing Communities of Oregon as our On-Site Park Manager. Nancy is well known for her sense of humor and no nonsense dedication to the job. She and husband Paul have been part of our Camelot family for many years and currently reside in the manager’s home at the entrance to Camelot. Nancy is literally the gate keeper of Camelot. She manages our application and leasing process, oversees the maintenance of community buildings and grounds, and is on-site to assist residents 24/7. As is typical of many of our residents, Nancy is a second generation resident and has various family members who are also residents of Camelot. Nancy was a close friend and support of Harold during his final years and also assisted with his care.

Elliot Babcock-Krenk
On-Site Manager
Elliot and Hanna
Son, Elliot earned his MBA degree from Willamette University in 2015. Elliot designed and manages our website, works and reworks every aspect of computer technology for Camelot, most recently installing WIFI into the recreation center for residents’ use. He is popular with residents for his kind, gentle manner, and willingness to assist with technical support whenever possible.  Since summer of 2015 Elliot has resided on-site and assists Nancy in the managerial tasks of running Camelot. He is state certified by the Manufactured Housing Communities of Oregon and the Oregon Park Managers Association as a Park Manager / Owner.

Hanna Babcock-Krenk

Office Manager, Portland Office
Hanna is the eldest of the Babcock-Krenk children and has assisted Nell in the office for several years. From banking and bookkeeping to planning and scheming, Hanna has always taken an interest in real estate and development. At age 2, Grandmother Pat, Eugene Realtor, labeled Hanna her “Agent in Training”. Hanna has helped with mailings, filing, accounting, and on-site visits since she was in Jr. High School. Her cheerfulness and enthusiasm are much appreciated by all.


Our past helpers remain family and share many fond memories of Camelot.

MirandaMiranda Babcock-Krenk, the youngest of the B-K’s, assisted in the office during her high school and college years. She spent many, many hours filing papers, organizing files, and storing historical records. She has also provided phone consultation to many Camelot residents with those pesky remote control problems. Miranda earned her B.S. from Colorado State University and is off serving the world as a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa, teaching science and biology to teenagers.

Shirley Brown, continues to be a huge support in many different ways in our community. She worked for Camelot as an assistant to Nancy and Nell for several years tending to rec center and common area maintenance as needed. She also was an invaluable caretaker for Harold during the last few years of his life. Her love and caring for our family went way beyond her job and earned her a permanent place in our hearts. Shirley is a shining example of many of our residents who go out of their way to assist their neighbors when in need.

BriannaBrianna Hansen,
Harold & Pat’s great niece, took care of data entry and book keeping for several months when we were short staffed and needed help. From home health care to office organization, Brianna was there when we needed extra help. This extraordinary young women, who Nell is proud to claim her as “niece”, is employed as a market administration sales assistant for Lamar Advertising Agency.

ZachZachary Marshall,
Zachary has been our contractor, builder, consultant, and friend for several years. He built our incomparable recreation center sun room addition in 2007 and our new recreation center roof in 2008. Although his work is centered in the Portland area, Zach has been involved in many aspects of our operations and development. When all else fails we still call on Zach for his expertise and advice.

PatPat Miller,
worked for the Babcock family for nearly 15 years before retiring in 2012. She began as a caregiver for our beloved Pat while Harold worked. Her invaluable nursing care, love, and friendship allowed Patsy to spend her last years at home with Harold. After Pat’s death Pat worked as Camelot’s office receptionist. Her warmth and good humor welcomed many residents into our community. She will always be a fond member of our history and our family. Pat has moved on to Coos Bay where she is surrounded by her family.
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Carol, Garrett, and DaleCarol Waagmeester
, Nell’s childhood best friend in Havre, Montana worked for years as a part time bookkeeper for Nell in the Portland office. Her wonderful sense of humor (and her talented son, Garrett, who sang for Camelot two Christmases in a row!) gave us many, many hours of pleasure!


DrewDrew Waugh, Harold & Pat’s nephew worked in Camelot off and on since it’s very first tree was planted in 1989. He most recently planted the new street trees, which line Sheraton Drive. Drew retired from work due to health problems in 2010. Sadly, Drew passed away in January 2012. He is greatly missed by his family and the many people who appreciated his kindness and great sense of humor.